Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Finally a job opening!!

Porn Star Tests Positive for HIV

A Los Angeles porn star has tested positive for HIV, forcing two adult entertainment companies to shut down and scramble to find other actors who may have been infected.
 The diagnosis has the California adult film industry reeling; in 2004, panic spread through the adult community after an outbreak.
 The actor’s name hasn’t been released, and he or she was a patient at the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation, a clinic in the San Fernando Valley that is trying to contact the actor’s sexual partners.
 Nine porn stars have been treated at the clinic since the 2004 outbreak. Wicked Pictures and Vivid Entertainment have stopped production.
 Porn stars must test negative for HIV and other STDs within 30 days of performing on film, but the common lack of condom use puts actors at much greater risk.

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