Monday, October 18, 2010

WHY IS THIS WOMAN GETTING FRONT PAGE COVERAGE? I know she is cute but no brain. Maybe COCKTAIL WAITRESS at The Palms?

Palin on Reid: Why in the world wouldn't you fire him?

RENO -- Sarah Palin fired up a crowd of about 2,000 Monday when she questioned why anyone in Nevada would vote to re-elect Harry Reid.

"You have 14.4 percent unemployment, highest in the nation. Why in the world won't you fire him?" she said.

Palin, former Republican vice presidential candidate, said America needs to elect people like Sharron Angle and other conservatives who believe in limited government and would restore traditional American values.

She spoke to a crowd gathered outside Washoe County Republican Party headquarters as part of the Tea Party Express bus tour. The national tour is rallying people to support conservative candidates and to get out the vote for the Nov. 2 election.

Angle did not appear at the rally. The Tea Party Express has made independent contributions to her campaign. Under federal election law, she is supposed to act at arm's length from such organizations and cannot appear at their events.

The only major Nevada candidate in attendance was Rep. Dean Heller, who did not speak.

Palin mentioned several Senate and gubernatorial candidates from across the country. But she did not mention the name of Nevada Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Sandoval.

ARE you kiddin' me! When I was a 24 year old disc jockey, these pills not needed or invented!

'Male enhancement' pill gets gold medalist suspended

Olympic 400-meter champion LaShawn Merritt has been suspended for testing positive for banned testosterone prohormones, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency announced Monday. The failed tests, Merritt has admitted, were because he took a "male enhancement" product, ExtenZe.

Merritt flunked out-of-competition urine tests in October and December 2009 and January 2010. He was suspended for 21 months, retroactive to October 2009, even though USADA's investigation found Merritt "demonstrated tremendous characted in making what had to be a painful and humiliating confession."

The report also noted that "enhancing his sports performance was the last thing on Mr. Merritt's mind when he purchased ExtenZe."

The 24-year-old won gold medals in the 400 meters and as part of the USA's 4x400-meter relay at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Last year he repeated the double at the world championships.

A three-member panel from the American Arbitration Association ruled on the case, USADA said.

How is it possible this type of dummy could be elected to a 6 year term with only 100 members? ONLY IN AMERICA! See how low we've dropped!

Sharron Angle tells Hispanic students:

'Some of you look a little more Asian to me'
Nevada political reporter Jon Ralston has unearthed another strange comment from Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle during a visit with Hispanic students.

"So that's what we want is a secure and sovereign nation, and, you know, I don't know that all of you are Latino. Some of you look a little more Asian to me. I don't know that," she told Rancho High School's Hispanic Student Union on Friday. "What we know, what we know about ourselves is that we are a melting pot in this country. My grandchildren are evidence of that. I'm evidence of that. I've been called the first Asian legislator in our Nevada State Assembly." Here's video.

At the same event, Angle defended her anti-immigration ads, saying she wasn't targeting Latinos and suggesting she was talking about the border with Canada:

"I'm not sure that those are Latinos in that commercial. What it is, is a fence, and there are people coming across that fence. What we know is that our northern border is where the terrorists came through. That's the most porous border that we have. We cannot allow terrorists; we cannot allow anyone to come across our border if we don't know why they're coming. So, we have to secure all of our borders, and that's what that was about, is border security."

The ad, which featured a map of Mexico and a group of Mexican farmers, was taken off YouTube after a photographer complained about the use of his photos.

Republicans have been struggling to win over Latino voters. According to a recent poll most Latinos back Democrats, but they aren't very motivated to vote in November. And Republicans hold a big advantage over Democrats this cycle -- they have more high-profile Latino candidates running for statewide offices.

As for Angle's comment about being the first Asian legislator, Ralston (a veteran reporter) says: "I have no idea what she is talking about."

Difference w GWB we were on the brink of a total collapse w BO we turned the corner!

National Debt Up $3 Trillion on Obama's Watch

New numbers posted today on the Treasury Department website show the National Debt has increased by more than $3 trillion since President Obama took office.
The National Debt stood at $10.626 trillion the day Mr. Obama was inaugurated. The Bureau of Public Debt reported today that the National Debt had hit an all time high of $13.665 trillion.

The Debt increased $4.9 trillion during President Bush's two terms. The Administration has projected the National Debt will soar in Mr. Obama's fourth year in office to nearly $16.5-trillion in 2012. That's more than 100 percent of the value of the nation's economy and $5.9-trillion above what it was his first day on the job.
Mr. Obama frequently lays blame for soaring federal deficits on his predecessor.

"By the time I got into office we already had a $1.3 trillion deficit and we had exploded the national debt," he said last month during one of his backyard chats with Americans.
Just last Friday, the Treasury Department portrayed it as good news when it reported that the federal deficit in the fiscal year that ended September 30th was $1.294 trillion. That's less than the $1.416 trillion deficit accrued in 2009 - the largest federal deficit ever recorded. It was also less than the $1.556 trillion that had been initially projected for 2010.

The soaring deficit and Debt is one of the reasons Mr. Obama is adamantly opposed to extending tax cuts for Americans earning over $250,000 a year.
The ten year cost would total $700-billion and Mr. Obama says it would needlessly add to the deficit and Debt.

"And then we've got to pay interest to China or whoever else is willing to buy our debt," he repeatedly argued in recent weeks.

President Obama and Congress await recommendations on ways to reduce federal deficits from the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform.
The 18-member panel will report December 1st - after the midterm election.

The Commission, chaired by Democrat Erskine Bowles and Republican Alan Simpson, was established by Mr. Obama to provide recommendations on how to "put the budget into primary balance, meaning that the federal government will pay for all of its programmatic obligations."

The federal budget was last in balance from 1998 to 2001.

HEY GWB! Bin Laden Alive, Not in Cave!

Are we finally closing in on Bin Laden? The al Qaeda leader, and the group's No. 2, Ayman al Zawahiri, are hiding near each other in houses in northwestern Pakistan—not in caves, as it is commonly believed, according to a NATO official. With protection from locals and some in Pakistani intel, the top terror leaders are living in relative comfort. Bin Laden is likely hiding out somewhere between the Chitral area, near Pakistan's border with China, and the Kurram Valley, next door to Afghanistan's Tora Bora, where many believe bin Laden evaded American forces in the early days of the Afghanistan war. That scrap of land is hundreds of square miles of rocky, barren terrain where Pakistan's tribes make their homes. The NATO official painted a grim portrait of the war's chances of success, pointing to the hundreds of thousands of "disaffected" young men in that part of Pakistan.

Read it at CNN


McCain Says He'll 'Absolutely Filibuster' Dont Ask, Don't Tell Senator Said the Repeal Is 'The Kind of Thing That Enrages Me' John McCain said today he would "absolutely filibuster" any attempt to repeal the "don't ask, don't tell" policy on gay men and women serving openly in the military if it came to the Senate.

"Absolutely I will filibuster or stop it from being brought up until we have a thorough and complete study on the effect of morale and battle effectiveness," the four-term incumbent Republican senator from Arizona told KPNX-TV in Phoenix on the station's "Sunday Square Off."

Dithering on ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ New York Times EDITORIAL Opinion

The Obama administration professes to oppose the odious and misguided policy of banning gay soldiers from serving openly in the military. So it was distressing to hear that the Justice Department plans to appeal a federal court order that the military immediately stop enforcing the law that is used to drum out gay service members once their sexual orientation becomes known.

We believe the “don’t ask, don’t tell” law was wrong from the day it was passed 17 years ago. But, in any case, circumstances have changed radically. As Judge Virginia Phillips pointed out when she ruled it unconstitutional, the original premises for the policy have been proved wrong, and there is no longer any good reason for continuing to ruin people’s lives by enforcing it.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the policy should not be lifted abruptly because there are unresolved questions like whether straight and gay soldiers should share barracks and whether the military should pay benefits to partners of gay service members.

He said he wanted to wait until a review of practices and policies was submitted on Dec. 1.
There is no need to wait. The answer to both questions is: Yes. It would be a disaster if the military replaced this misbegotten policy with official segregation and discrimination.

The breadth and vigor of Judge Phillips’s ruling provided a welcome jolt to an issue that had been stagnating. The best solution by far — because it would reflect political consensus — would be for Congress to repeal “don’t ask, don’t tell” as President Obama has requested. The House voted to do that, but Republicans have blocked action in the Senate. The climate is apt to get worse for civil rights after the elections.

The next best solution was Judge Phillips’s injunction, which ordered the military to drop any investigation or discharge proceeding mounted under the law against any gay service member anywhere. The injunction would provide immediate relief to gay men and women while the political and judicial wrangling over whether to repeal the act moves sluggishly forward.

Judge Phillips had earlier ruled, based on persuasive evidence, that “don’t ask, don’t tell” is unconstitutional because it infringes the due process and free speech rights of gay service members, who are forced to lie about central elements of their lives. She also made a powerful case that the law was harmful to military readiness, the opposite of what its authors said they intended.

Some 14,000 or more service members have been discharged under the law, including many hundreds if not thousands with critical skills in foreign languages, military intelligence, counterterrorism, weapons development and military medicine. Meanwhile, the military was having such trouble finding qualified recruits that it issued “moral waivers” to convicted felons and lowered its educational and physical fitness requirements.

The original rationale for “don’t ask, don’t tell” was that it would enhance unit morale and cohesion — and thus military preparedness — by shielding heterosexual soldiers from any knowledge that some of their colleagues were gay. That rationale has not held up in the real world. The judge found that the military has routinely delayed investigations and discharges until suspected homosexuals completed their deployments on combat missions. Their service was deemed vital in the war zones, not detrimental.

Now that the administration is expected to appeal Judge Phillips’s ruling unnecessarily, we hope the appeals court lets it take force immediately. It is unfair to persecute valued service members under an outmoded and harmful law that should have been scrapped long ago.