Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Starbucks Baristas Will Brew Slower

CS - Starbucks Barista
After fielding customer complaints that their charming corner coffee shop is staffed by assembly-line drones, Starbucks has ordered its baristas to make no more than two drinks at once.

 In new rules that may make a coffee break take a little bit longer, employees are allowed only to begin one drink once they are finishing another, and they’re barred from making a whole pitcher of steamed milk. Instead, they’ll steam milk for each individual order.

 Only one espresso machine can be used at a time. The changes go into effect by next month, and though Starbucks says the rules will make the chain more efficient, its workers say they’ll create long lines. Some drinks will now take twice as long to make, but Starbucks says they’ll taste fresher and have fewer errors.

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