Saturday, July 28, 2007

Humanity v. Hazleton - New York Times

Humanity v. Hazleton

The Jackals who killed immigration reform must be proud!

They actually endorse the current moribund system!

What have they won?

N O T H I N G but .....

Endorse the current non realistic dysfunctional system!

Which all agree is a bad system.

Nothing will get better until Congress asserts LEADERSHIP!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Corny Cold War -

A Corny Cold War - CASTRO smarter than GWB!

Health Care Terror - New York Times

Health Care Terror - PAUL KRUGMAN. The F-word News Channel is at it again! They don't have any shame!! But Why do you still watch!!! Print This Story This is what I've been talking about for over 10 years!!

Our Clueless Intelligence System -

Our Clueless Intelligence System - Amy Zegart has it right!

At Roswell Festival, Doubt Is an Alien Concept -

At Roswell Festival, Doubt Is an Alien

A Profile in Cowardice - New York Times

A Profile in Cowardice - FRANK RICH

The Road Home - New York Times

The Road Home from IRAQ