Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Michael Weiner (Savage) banned in UK!!

Savage Versus The Motherland: "I was shocked. I thought I was seeing things," said Talk Radio Network's (TRN) syndicated host Michael Savage, describing his surprise at being included on a list of people banned from entering England. Released by home secretary Jacqui Smith, the list also includes Hamas MP Yunis Al-Astal, former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard Stephen Donald Black and former Russian skinhead gang leaders Artur Ryno and Pavel Skachevsky. Incredulous, Savage said portraying him alongside mass murders and neo-Nazis is defamation and if possible he will sue Smith, who described him as "likely to cause inter-community tension or even violence" if allowed into the country.


• Talk Radio Network syndicated host Michael Savage says he was "shocked" when he found out he was banned from entering England for "behavior Britain will not tolerate."

Cast your vote

Who is the biggest embarrassment to the Republican Party?

Michele Bachmann
Dick Cheney
Rush Limbaugh
Chuck Norris
Sarah Palin
Joe the Plumber
Arlen Specter
Michael Steele

Does Bachman's outspoken ignorance make her the single greatest living shame on the Republican Party?
Or does the gravity of Dick Cheney’s affronts to the Constitution represent a far more serious tarnish?
Or is Sarah Palin worse than either of them?
Who is the biggest embarrassment to the G.O.P. today? Cast your vote

WHO IS THIS PERSON? Who voted for her?

Look at Michelle Bachmann

• Tue May 5
“During the last 100 days we have seen an orgy…The government spent its wad by April 26.”

• Fri May 1
“I want people in Minnesota armed and dangerous on this issue of the energy tax because we need to fight back. Thomas Jefferson told us, ‘Having a revolution every now and then is a good thing,’ and the people – we the people – are going to have to fight back hard if we’re not going to lose our country. And I think this has the potential of changing the dynamic of freedom forever in the United States…The science is on our side on this one, and the science indicates that human activity is not the cause of all this global warming. And that in fact, nature is the cause, with solar flares, etc.”
• Thu Apr 30
“[A]pparently people who are practicing pedophiles would be considered protected under this legislation [The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act, which adds ‘sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability of any person’ to existing federal law which currently includes race, color, religion, or national origin], but not, I understand, veterans, not, I understand, pregnant women, not, I understand, 85-year-old grandmothers would be protected under this law.”

“….As a matter of fact, the recession that FDR had to deal with wasn’t as bad as the recession Coolidge had to deal with in the early 20s. Yet, the prescription that Coolidge put on that — from history — is lower taxes, lower regulatory burden, and we saw the ‘Roaring 20s,’ where we saw markets and growth in the economy like we’d never seen before in the history of the country. FDR applied just the opposite formula. The Hoot-Smalley Act [sic], which was a tremendous burden on tariff restrictions. And then, of course, trade barriers, and the regulatory burden and tax barriers. That’s what we saw happen under FDR that took a recession and blew it into a full-scale depression. The American people suffered for almost ten years under that kind of thinking.”
• Wed Apr 29
“I find it interesting that it was back in the 1970s that the swine flu broke out then under another Democrat president Jimmy Carter. And I’m not blaming this on President Obama, I just think it’s an interesting coincidence.”

“Michael Steele! You be da man! You be da man!”

Elected in 2006, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is the first Republican woman to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from Minnesota. In only her first term, Congresswoman Bachmann developed a reputation as a “principled reformer” who stays true to her conservative beliefs while pushing for real reform of the broken ways of Washington. And, her strong advocacy for her constituents earned her a second term in Congress in November 2008.

She is a leading advocate for bipartisan earmark reform and tax relief and is a staunch opponent of wasteful government spending. She is among the leaders in the U.S. House pushing for increased energy exploration in the U.S. to provide much needed relief at the pump for hard-working Americans and put our nation on the path to energy independence.

Prior to serving in the U.S. Congress, Bachmann served in the Minnesota State Senate. She was elected to the Minnesota State Senate in 2000 where she championed the Taxpayers Bill of Rights. And, prior to that, Bachmann spent five years as a federal tax litigation attorney, working on hundreds of civil and criminal cases. That experience solidified Bachmann’s strong support for efforts to simplify the Tax Code and reduce tax burdens on family and small business budgets.

Congresswoman Bachmann currently sits on the Financial Services Committee. This committee is tasked with the oversight of numerous financial sectors including housing, real estate and banking. This also gives the Congresswoman keen insight into the housing crisis and credit crunch, leading her to be a staunch opponent of the taxpayer-funded bailout of Wall Street. The 6th Congressional District of Minnesota contains parts of six counties, stretching from Stillwater past St. Cloud and including suburbs of the Twin Cities, which encompasses one of the nation’s largest financial services sectors, making Congresswoman Bachmann’s position on the Financial Services Committee particularly important.

Congresswoman Bachmann is a graduate of Anoka High School and Winona State University. Bachmann and her husband, Marcus, live in Stillwater where they own a small business mental health care practice that employs 42 people. The Bachmann’s have five children, Lucas, Harrison, Elisa, Caroline, and Sophia. In addition, the Bachmanns have opened their home to 23 foster children, which has inspired Congresswoman Bachmann to become one of Congress’ leading advocates for foster and adopted children, earning her bipartisan praise for her efforts.

Air Pollution High

American Lung Association Finds State Has High Ozone and Particulate Pollution

WebMD Health News -- Areas in California remain some of the most polluted in the U.S., with air quality that is likely damaging the health of millions of people, according to a report by the American Lung Association.

The report finds that Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Calif., and Visalla-Porterville, Calif., rank among the five U.S. cities most polluted with particulate and ozone pollution.

Almost 186.1 million Americans live in places where the air quality is probably bad enough to damage their health, at least part of the year, the report concludes.

The Pittsburgh-New Castle area in Pennsylvania ranked the worst in the nation for short-term particle pollution and second for the most year-round particle pollution. Particulates come from a variety of sources, including diesel and gasoline engines, power plants, construction and demolition projects, soil, and dust.

Breathing particulates can cause lung inflammation that can exacerbate diseases like asthma and chronic bronchitis, but also can contribute to cardiovascular disease including heart attack and stroke.

After Pittsburgh-New Castle, the cities with the worst particle pollution over a 24-hour period include:

Fresno-Madera, Calif.-Bakersfield, Calif.
Los Angeles-Long Beach-Riverside, Calif.
Birmingham-Hoover-Cullman, Ala.
Salt Lake City-Ogden-Clearfield, Utah
Sacramento-Arden-Arcade-Yuba City, Calif.-Nev.
Levels of ozone have dropped nationwide over the last decade, and the Environmental Protection Agency slapped tighter restrictions on the pollutant in 2007. Still, dozens of U.S. cities regularly have unsafe ozone levels, the American Lung Association says.

Ozone is created when exhaust from car engines and other fuel-burning sources reacts with sunlight. Ozone can cause irritation of the airways and lung inflammation; it can quickly worsen diseases like asthma and emphysema.

Last year the National Academy of Sciences concluded that short-term ozone exposure was "likely to contribute" to premature deaths.

After Los Angeles-Long Beach-Riverside, the cities with the worst ozone pollution in 2008 were:

Bakersfield, Calif.
Visalla-Porterville, Calif.
Fresno-Madera, Calif.
Houston-Baytown-Huntsville, Texas
Sacramento-Arden-Arcade-Yuba City, Calif.-Nevada
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas
"More than 175 million Americans live in areas with unhealthy smog levels; that's 80 million more than we identified in last year's report," says Charles D. Connor, American Lung Association president and CEO.

The increase is partly due to changes in the way the Environmental Protection Agency categorizes ozone levels; lower ozone levels than before are now considered unhealthy, so more people fall into the unhealthy category.

Cleanest Cities
Billings, Mont. led the list of cleanest U.S. cities for smog pollution. Alexandria, La., and Cheyenne, Wyo. made the top of the list for cleanest in terms of short-term and long-term particulate pollution.

Only Fargo-Wahpeton, N.D.-Minn., made the list of top 25 cleanest cities for all three measures of pollution, the report said.

Ozone: 25 Worst Cities
Here are the 25 worst metropolitan areas for ozone pollution:

Ozone: 25 Worst Cities continued...
1. Los Angeles-Long Beach-Riverside, Calif.

2. Bakersfield, Calif.

3. Visalia-Porterville, Calif.

4. Fresno-Madera, Calif.

5. Houston-Baytown-Huntsville, Texas

6. Sacramento-Arden-Arcade-Yuba City, Calif.-Nev.

7. Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

8. Charlotte-Gastonia-Salisbury, N.C.-S.C.

9. Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale, Ariz.

10. El Centro, Calf.

11. Hanford-Corcoran, Calif.

12. Las Vegas-Paradise-Pahrump, Nev.

13. San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marcos, Calif.

14. Washington, D.C.-Baltimore-Northern Virginia, Md.-Va.-W.Va.

15. Cincinnati-Middletown-Wilmington, Ohio -Ky.- Ind.

16. Philadelphia-Camden-Vineland, Pa.-N.J.-Del.-Md.

17. St.Louis-St.Charles-Farmington, Mo.-Ill.

18. New York-Newark-Bridgeport, N.Y.-N.J.-Conn.-Pa.

19. Knoxville-Sevierville-La Follette, Tenn.

20. Birmingham-Hoover-Cullman, Ala.

21. Baton Rouge-Pierre Part, La.

22. Kansas City-Overland Park-Kansas City, Mo.-Kan.

23. Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Gainesville, Ga.-Ala.

24. Merced, Calif.

25. Memphis, Tenn.-Miss.-Ark.

Particle Pollution: 25 Worst Cities
Here are the 25 worst metropolitan areas for short-term particle pollution:

1. Pittsburgh-New Castle, Pa.

2. Fresno-Madera, Calif.

3. Bakersfield, Calif.

4. Los Angeles-Long Beach-Riverside, Calif.

5. Birmingham-Hoover-Cullman, Ala.

6. Salt Lake City-Ogden-Clearfield, Utah

7. Sacramento-Arden-Arcade-Yuba City, Calif.-Nev.

8. Logan, Utah-Idaho

9. Chicago-Naperville-Michigan City, Ill.-Ind.-Wis.

10. Detroit-Warren-Flint, Mich.

11. Indianapolis-Anderson-Columbus, Ind.

12. Visalia-Porterville, Calif.

13. Eugene-Springfield, Ore.

14. Washington, D.C.-Baltimore-Northern Virginia, Md.-Va.-W.Va

15. Hanford-Corcoran, Calif.

16. New York-Newark-Bridgeport, N.Y.-N.J.- Conn.- Pa.

17. Modesto, Calif.

18. Merced, Calif.

19. Louisville-Jefferson County-Elizabethtown-Scottsburg, Ky.-Ind.

20. Philadelphia-Camden-Vineland, Pa.-N.J.-Del-Md.

21. San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland, Calif.

22. Provo-Orem, Utah

23. San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marcos, Calif.

24. Harrisburg-Carlisle-Lebanon, Pa.

25. St. Louis-St. Charles-Farmington, Mo-Ill.

Cleanest Cities
Here are the cleanest cities for ozone pollution, in alphabetical order:

Billings, Mont.
Carson City, Nevada
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Fargo-Wahpeton, N.D.-Minn.
Laredo, Texas
Lincoln, Neb.
Port St. Lucie-Sebastian-Vero Beach, Fla.
Sioux Falls, S.D.