Saturday, April 04, 2009



The F-word News Channel (FNC) is just not watchable!

The few times I switch to see what they are up to.
They are most predicable in these slanted non news propaganda.

The few times I switch to FNC is Saturdays when they say they have NEWS reportage only and not the slanted crap of this wackout right wing ranters.

But there is no hope!

Saturday April 4 10:28 pct – I turned in for less than 30 seconds and
Heard the following:

(1) Finish of budget story (old news has been hashed over a lot – nothing newS)
in which they repeated GOP talking points about Obama’s budget predictions being to optimistic!
This from a bunch that double our national debt over the last 8 years!
(2) Teased a story of some people’s opposition to President Obama being invited to NOTRE DAME to speech at commencement!

This is in a weekend while the President is conducting a tour de force in Europe!!

P.S. I liked this week as DAVID LETTERMAN kicked the crap out of the crapper in chief BILL O’REALLY!! Check out UTube.