Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tom Toles WashPost comments I like "Say ahhh...

How come so little of the debate is about why our health care costs, like, TWICE what it does in other industrialized countries, without better outcomes?

Huh? Why is that?

Lotsa talk about the big debt looming, not so much about how health-care costs are the driver.
MUCH grumbling about COVERING PEOPLE who don't deserve to be covered and deserve to get sick and die or drive up costs even further by not getting pre-crisis care and ending up in emergency rooms where they cost even MORE before they die as they so thoroughly deserve, but that's about the level of focus on this particular public policy issue.

Much head-shaking and consternation about how your run-of-the-mill GOVERNMENT employee is so outrageously overpaid, to say nothing about if s/he happens to be a teacher.
No END of teeth-gnashing about that. But health providers here spending DOUBLE what they do everywhere else with no better outcomes to show for it?

Well, the crickets are busy discussing it, anyway.


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